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About Globalstor

Globalstor Data Corporation was originally formed in 1987 as Global Remarketing, an end-of-life solutions provider for various companies. A few years later, Global Remarketing took over the end-of-life support for the Alphatronix 650MB and 1.3GB optical-based product line. Global Remarketing soon began providing upgrades as well as new products and services to the newly acquired client list, which included various departments of the Armed Forces and Federal Government. These new relationships helped move Global Remarketing to the next level of their business by engaging opportunities that required the company to design, manufacture, and deliver solutions. These solutions were not only rugged enough to withstand serious strain and vibration in close quarters, but, also house the latest in data storage technology. This left Global Remarketing to venture out into new avenues and partner with companies that were developing the next wave in external disk architecture. By the mid 1990′s, Global Remarketing was shipping vast amounts of optical based media, optical drives, libraries, RAID, and DAS systems. In 1997, Global Remarketing launched Globalstor Data Corporation – a new company that allowed Globalstor to focus on the latest technology trends and the industry’s most advanced data storage systems. This lead to further relationships with software from leading suppliers for complete plug-and-play solutions that are backed by the same level of customer service and support Globalstor has always maintained for the past two decades.

Today, Globalstor is a leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of entry-level to high-end mass storage IP solutions. The company is, also, setting new standards in film and video by expanding our product offering to include complete turnkey solutions for HD, 2K, and 4K applications that require content capture, playback, color correction, and basic editing. Additionally, Globalstor has developed award-winning digital video dailies solutions and responded to partner requests for a 64bit NAS (network attached storage) and iSCSI (internet small computer systems interface) solutions, allowing IT users to grasp the latest in technology trends. Widely recognized for it’s value-added services, including systems integration and customer support, Globalstor offers a full spectrum of competitively priced products, including technically advanced magneto-optical (MO) drives, MO libraries, VTL solutions, DR solutions, RAID, DAS, CAS, NAS, and disk solutions with complete support for all major operating systems.