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bruAPP™ Backup Appliance

A Complete Backup and Restore Solution for Platform-Independent and Ultra-Reliable Data Protection

  • Enterprise grade hardware with client/server data backup and restore services in a self-contained appliance without the need for an enterprise-grade IT staff.
  • Delivers true "server-less" backup without dependence on any network server. Integrated RAID for staging provides LAN-Free backup of client data to tape.
  • Remote Management Consoles run on any Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows system in your environment with network connectivity to the bruAPP.
  • Supports over 10 different operating systems including Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Windows, and Windows Server systems.
  • Broad range of models that support D2D, D2T, and D2D2T strategies with over 140 TB of RAID disk stage capacity and tape libraries of any size.
  • Plug and play ease-of-installation and intuitive operation – perform your first backup operation in under 15 minutes after installation.
  • Completely self-contained and constructed of enterprise-grade hardware components.
  • All units include 3-years of depot hardware warranty.
  • All units include 3-years of top-tier software support that can be renewed annually.



Any solution is only as good as its weakest link. The bruAPP Backup Appliance is a complete backup solution in an appliance that uses tested & proven hardware and software components.

The operating system of each and every bruAPP Backup Appliance is the bruAPP/OS™. A TOLIS Group-developed, custom backup-oriented system derived from components of FreeBSD, Linux, and TOLIS Group-native code. This highly tuned bruAPP/OS forms the heart of the bruAPP backup appliance. "Backup oriented" is key because the bruAPP Backup Appliance performs a single function, and that is the backup and recovery of data. Unencumbered by traditional operating system overhead and complexity, bruAPP/OS delivers rock solid operating system stability to assure uninterrupted and seamless backup system operation today and into the future. The bruAPP/OS renders the bruAPP Backup Appliance’s operation totally impervious to software upgrades at the server system level.

bruAPP Backup Appliance 3U Chassis

The bruAPP Backup Appliance’s hardware architecture is not fixed; rather it is structured to provide longevity via easy expand ability as the needs of an organization grow. The capacity of the SATA-based disk stage can be easily expanded as higher capacity hard drives become available. Using 1, 2, or 3 TB drives available today – up to 72 TB of disk stage backup capacity can be configured in a 4U chassis. The net capacity is 63 TB of disk stage for the 4U model based on a RAID 6 + hot spare (net 66 TB for RAID-5) architecture. Each 3U and 4U bruAPP appliance contains redundant power supplies for further reliability and may be expanded to support future growth.

The bruAPP Backup Appliance is available in 1U, 3U, and 4U rack mount configurations.  The bruAPP Backup Appliance may also be bundled with your choice of external TOLIS Group tape autoloaders and libraries. All models support externally-connected tape drives and libraries without the need for special drivers, even if the tape device was not purchased from TOLIS Group.


bruAPP Backup Appliance Models

The bruAPP Backup Appliance comes in three different rack-mount models. All 3U and 4U bruAPP Backup Appliances support expansion through the bruAPP Expander Kit. With internal RAID sizes from zero to 72TB (expansion units support up to 144TB), there’s a bruAPP Backup Appliance for every need and budget.

bruAPP Backup Appliance units are built to order, so if you desire your bruAPP to be customized, please feel free to contact one or our non-commission bruAPP sales team members to discuss your requirements to configure the bruAPP that’s best for you.

bruAPP 1U

Ideal for small to medium-sized organizations that prefer to write all backups straight to tape with the option to add on a RAID at a later time or pre-installed with up to 12 TB of storage.

bruAPP 1U Chassis Front

Dual GigE PortsUp To 12TB64-Bit bruAPP/OS64-Bit bruAPP/OS

bruAPP 3U

Ideal for medium to large organizations that need larger amounts of data storage with the ability to expand. The 3U bruAPP Backup Appliance has a capacity range of 8-48TB of storage in a single chassis, but can be expanded later when needed.

bruAPP 3U Chassis Front

Dual GigE PortsUp To 48TB64-Bit bruAPP/OS64-Bit bruAPP/OSExpandable RAID