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Multi-Platform/Enterprise Solutions

BRU Server™ Backup & Restore

BRU Server for Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris

BRU Server is TOLIS Group’s premier network backup software solution that provides client/server-based data backup and recovery services across networks of any size. BRU Server delivers the reliability, functionality and flexibility to meet your organization’s backup needs – including regulatory compliance. All major client system OS platforms are supported as well as live database back-up on server and client systems. BRU Server delivers ease-of-use, reliability, flexibility, and exceptionally low cost-of-ownership.

Linux/Unix/Solaris/IRIX/Mac OS X


BRU Server Open File Manager™ — BRU Server Add-On for Windows

BRU Desktop for Unix/Linux This add-on module for BRU Server protects Windows server & client systems that run database applications such as Exchange®, SQL Server®, FileMaker®, Oracle®, Sybase®, DB2®, Active Directory®, and even simple open files used in Word® or Excel®.

Standalone System Solutions

BRU Producers Edition™ for Mac OS

BRU PE for Mac OS X Producer’s Edition for Mac OS X is specifically designed to protect the creative assets of creative artists. Creative artists/producers can now easily drag-and-drop native music application
files from tools such as Sonic Studio™, Logic®, Final Cut Pro®, and Soundtrack Pro® into Producer’s Edition to easily create session archives. BRU Producer’s Edition is Snow Leopard Ready!

bruCLONE™ for Mac OS X

bruCLONE for Mac OS X bruCLONE allows you to make an exact bootable copy of a hard disk to another hard disk to
allow you to boot from it should your existing hard disk fail.  used alone or in conjunction with other BRU products, easy disaster recovery is a few simple clicks away.

BRU Desktop™ for Unix/Linux


Smaller Network Solutions

BRU Workstation™ for Unix/Linux

BRU Workstation for Unix/Linux BRU Workstation 17.0 Backup & Restore Utility is a functionally rich solution that backs up systems on the network via NFS, AFS, SMB, and AFP/Netatalk mounted file systems. Versions are available to provide native support across a broad range of Unix-based systems.

Other Solutions

TOLIS Tape Tools™ for Mac OS X

TOLIS Tape Tools for Mac OS X TOLIS Tape Tools is a unique set of data migration utilities that enable the contents of any tar, cpio, or pax-formatted tape to be efficiently migrated into the Mac OS X system environment — regardless of the system under which the tapes were created. TOLIS Tape Tools is Snow Leopard Ready!