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Products Overview

Globalstor Data’s products are widely used as the primary storage medium for high-speed data extraction within the Armed Services’ simulation and training products. The solutions are also used in a variety of applications where high-capacity, rugged and reliable information storage is of key concern. Typical applications include data and image-intensive network storage/retrieval, document imaging, medical imaging, desktop publishing, digital audio, video/film editing and multimedia development.  All of these applications make our products well suited for the simulation and training industry.

The film postproduction industry has come to recognize Globalstor as a premier manufacturer of high performance, high capacity servers used for color grading and visual effects. Because the most popular postproduction names and facilities worldwide choose Globalstor as their hardware partner, countless movie and production titles are now using Globalstor hardware and DI (Digital Intermediate) servers for their visual effects and render farms.

We took these commercially developed technologies and combined them with our military and aerospace systems, to derive our simulation and training product offerings.  The complexity of modern computer systems and the diverse simulations they must support, challenge engineers who must develop accurate representations of real-life behavior. As computer system complexity has increased, software simulation has become the dominant method of system testing, evaluating and prototyping.  No matter what the simulated environment, Globalstor’s computer solutions create true-to-life throughput for valuable data collection and dissemination.

Data-intensive training designs have created the demand for systems running time-sensitive operations to create simulations in a realistic learning environment. As training systems become more interoperable, Globalstor’s hardware and software innovations enable these simulations and databases to run faster – keeping up with ever expanding data and user growth.

Solving this evolving challenge, Globalstor employs emerging technologies to deliver the extreme performance and scale needed to meet the market’s demands. Early introduction and validation of new technology is a discriminating difference Globalstor employs to ensure our systems are not only the best, but also the most stable.  

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