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Why Globalstor?

As we all know in the world of Data Storage Solutions, there is a multitude of options available to consumers. What substantiates Globalstor from the number of other Storage companies today is our knowledgeable pre and post sales customer service staff. Simply stated, “We get it”. We at Globalstor understand that times have changed and the pressures of trying to sell hardware in to any client with respectable margins has become a serious challenge. With end-users wanting something for nothing these days we made it our focus in life to develop solutions that are just as robust and feature rich as the solutions being deployed by the industry leaders without the hassle of being locked in to long term contracts, hidden license fees and more importantly proprietary solutions that do not play nicely with third party storage. We keep it simple from inception to implementation and that’s why Globalstor’s recurring business track record is second to none. Once you’ve experienced the Globlastor difference we guarantee your clients will finally find that one-stop source for all their long-range data solutions needs.

Globalstor is always seeking value added solutions providers that share the same principles that we do. We embrace these principals as the fundamental building blocks needed for a strong foundation in developing long-term relationships. A mutual confidence in one another bundled with reliability and trusts are the ingredients to a successful partnership.  We are sharing the technology solutions that are making Globalstor a household name in the storage networking community.

Global Partners are our eyes and ears to what solutions their clients are looking for, and not just for today, but also for their long range data planning.  Our in-house technical staff is there every step of the way as your “first line of support” to address all your clients concerns and needs.

Resellers have many options when seeking potential Vendors.  What would motivate your company to become a Global Reseller?  Globalstor is your full-service solutions provider, and offers unique hands-on approaches that will make your clients feel confident with our recommendations.  Our expertise has been proven in markets such as Data and Image Intensive Network Storage and Retrieval, Document Imaging, Medical Imaging, Desktop Publishing, Digital Audio, Video/Film Editing, Video/Film Color Correction, Multimedia Development, Disaster recovery, Business continuity, Virtual Tape and Electronic Information Management.

Globalstor is committed to providing the highest level of interactive solutions for your clients.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Benefits of becoming a
Globalstor partner


Protected Margins – Were putting margin back in hardware baby!Registrations -  Globalstor respects our partners privacy and never releases registered information.

Technical support – Globalstor is “front-line” support on all solutions with after hours and weekend support.

Custom built solutions – If there is a will, there is a way, Globalstor prides itself on its ingenuity .

Incentives –  Always encouraging our Global partners through various promotions and spiffs  .

Since 1987 –  We were here in the beginning, were here now and together we can insure a promising tomorrow.