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Medical Industry:
Globalstor storage products can be found in Siemens’s Medical CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) digital radiography systems as part of a standard bundle provided by Siemens to hospitals worldwide and used for archival and backup of patient data and images on these systems.

Globalstor storage products can be found in GE Medical and Pruka digital radiography systems as a storage media for patient data and images from GE MRI and ultrasound equipment worldwide.

Military Industry:
Globalstor storage products can be found in the militaries black box and avionic test systems, known as CASS (Consolidated Automated Support System), which is the primary ATE (Automatic test Equipment) system used to test the avionic components within the NAVY, Air force, and Marines aircraft. Globalstor hardware and media are used as the primary medium for distribution and running of the test software used to interrogate and trouble shoot avionic components within the aircraft. These systems are located in Avionic Depots and aircraft carriers throughout the world. Globalstor is, also, responsible for maintaining the mainframe DEC Alpha and Micro VAX CPU’s and components within that system and is highly regarded by Lockheed Martin and the armed forces for quality, service and support that is second to none.

Aircraft contractors who build components used by the fleets’ aircraft use Globalstor storage products. Our products play a key role in the distribution of the test applications ultimately used by the fleet.

Simulation and Training
Globalstor’s rugged COTS workstations and servers are widely recognized within the simulation and training industry for their best of breed architecture, cost and reliablility. With simulation customers worldwide, Globalstor’s workstations and servers meet the needs of the most GPU and CPU intensive applications at a price point to meet the requirements of even the tightest budgets.

Aerospace Industry:
Globalstor storage products can be found on the systems that collect data from some of the most well recognized space missions of our time. Many of these missions are still collecting data from remote locations and planets within our solar system. Missions include but are not limited to MER (Mars Exploration Rover), Deep Impact, AVIRIS (Airborn Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer), SIRTF (Space Infrared Telescope Facility).

Globalstor products are widely used by some of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world. Our storage products are used as the medium to store data in the manufacturing process, assembly lines and launch for the world’s largest satellite manufacturers.

Entertainment and Motion Picture Industry:
The film and post production industry has come to recognize Globalstor as a premier manufacturer of high performance, high capacity servers used for color grading and visual effects. Because the most popular post production names and facilities worldwide choose Globalstor as their hardware partner, countless movie and production titles are now using Globalstor hardware and DI (Digital Intermediate) servers for their visual effects and render farms. Globalstor hardware has played a key role in the production of well known feature films such as Superman Returns, Spiderman, Flags Of Our Fathers, Transformers, Speed Racer, Thor, Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Tron, Gnomio and Juliet, X-Men Origens, Jack The Giant Slayer, Percy Jackson, Titanic 3D, Chasing Mavericks and many more.

Universities and educational establishments have come to count on Globalstor hardware and disaster recovery solutions to manage, maintain, and backup sensitive data and records.

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