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Globalstor® Data Corporation, a premier OEM integrator of high-performance custom workstations and servers (including but not limited to, IG solutions, content distribution systems and NAS), as well as a wide range of data storage products for OEM and ODM customers worldwide, will showcase several products and numerous demos at this year’s Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC).

With two booths at the show, Globalstor’s product line, including its new ExtremeStor Transport portable workstation as well as its full line of ExtremeStor-DI workstations, will be on display at booth 663. The company will also be demonstrating how Presagis’ modeling, simulation and embedded display graphics software runs on Globalstor’s ExtremeStor workstations and portables. These systems will feature the new Fermi-based NVIDIA® Quadro® by PNY professional graphics solutions including the latest Quadro 6000, the industry’s first 6GB graphics board. The booth will also feature GenFX, a visual simulation company, which will showcase their latest Advanced Maritime Simulation software running on Globalstor’s ExtremeStor workstations.

In the second booth (673), Globalstor has partnered with IGI, showing advanced visualization solutions along with PNY and NVIDIA, a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of professional workstation graphics boards. Presagis software demonstrations will also be highlighted running on an ExtremeStor workstation. This workstation will feature an integrated solid state disk array and a NVIDIA Quadro Plex driving the IGI PowerWindow 4K Portable. The booth will also be hosting an IGI NAVY customer‘s simulation application. Additionally, 4K video material that was shot with the RED Digital Cinema 4K camera will be on display along with RTT DeltaGen reatime visualization software showing 3D modeling in a 4K environment.

Lastly, a Globalstor ExtremeStor workstation with a NVIDIA Quadro Plex will be used in the Sony booth (1701) to drive an IGI PowerWindow 4K Portable ultra-high resolution and color-accurate rear projection display system. Each PowerWindow will be driven by a Sony SRX-T110 SXRD 4K projector along with a Globalstor ExtremeStor 4K in conjunction with a NVIDIA Quadro Plex.

“Globalstor is excited to not only exhibit at I/ITSEC, but to also partner with PNY, IGI Presagis and Sony, amongst other partners, to offer several real-world demonstrations throughout the show,” says Scott Leif, president of Globalstor. “As a company that started in the high-end storage business for major movie studios and production companies, we are looking forward to leverage how our technology, due to its secure and robust design, is the perfect fit for the government and simulation market.”

About Globalstor Data Corporation
Globalstor® Data Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance custom workstations and servers (including but not limited to IG solutions, content distribution systems and NAS), as well as a wide range of data storage products for OEM and ODM customers worldwide. Widely recognized for its value-added services, including systems integration and customer support, Globalstor is an OEM with a full spectrum of hardware and software support offering a broad range of professional solutions. Globalstor serves a worldwide customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Chatsworth, California, with additional offices in Hudson, New Hampshire and Frankfurt, Germany and through a strong foundation of international authorized resellers.