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~ CSG Allows Company to Develop Individualized Products
Tailored to Specific Customer Needs ~


Globalstor® Data Corporation, a premier OEM integrator of high-performance custom workstations and servers (including but not limited to, IG solutions, content distribution systems and NAS), as well as a wide range of data storage products for OEM and ODM customers worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of its Globalstor Custom Solutions Group (CSG), a new division of the company dedicated to the design and development of solutions tailored entirely to customer specifications. The company welcomes I/ITSEC 2010 attendees to visit the Globalstor booth (663) on the show floor, where they can find out how incorporating customized storage and video solutions can benefit their testing and training workflows. Globalstor will also be hosting several real-world demonstrations at this booth as well as at a separate demo booth (673).

The primary goal of Globalstor CSG is to help customers define and develop integrated graphics and storage solutions that offer maximum performance and functionality under the diverse and changing conditions of today’s marketplace. Globalstor CSG specialists will work with each customer individually, taking a careful inventory of the form factor, design and components desired, and then examining how these elements can be integrated to create a solution that meets the customers’ needs in form, fit and function. Clients who are concerned with brand name awareness can also opt to OEM the solution and have company logos embedded into the systems’ design.

“We have always understood that meeting customer requirements goes beyond simply supplying products with enhanced features and capabilities, which is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of Globalstor CSG,” says Scott Leif, president of Globalstor. “It allows us to take our customer support to the next level, truly tailoring systems to client specifications.”

At I/ITSEC Globalstor will exhibit its custom solutions for graphics-intensive simulation and training applications. Globalstor is also introducing its new ExtremStor Transport, a rugged portable line of multi-display graphic workstations. All systems will highlight the new NVIDIA® Fermi-based Quadro® professional graphic solutions including the NVIDIA Quadro 6000 by PNY used in multi-GPU configurations.

In addition, IGI and Sony will be showing advanced visualization solutions based on the Globalstor workstations utilizing the NVIDIA Quadro Plex. Demonstrations highlighting the NVIDIA Quadro Plex 4K high resolution combine the IGI PowerWindow system with a SONY SXRD projector.

About Globalstor Data Corporation
Globalstor® Data Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance custom workstations and servers (including but not limited to IG solutions, content distribution systems and NAS), as well as a wide range of data storage products for OEM and ODM customers worldwide. Widely recognized for its value-added services, including systems integration and customer support, Globalstor is an OEM with a full spectrum of hardware and software support offering a broad range of professional solutions. Globalstor serves a worldwide customer base from its U.S. headquarters in Chatsworth, California, with additional offices in Hudson, New Hampshire and Frankfurt, Germany and through a strong foundation of international authorized resellers. For more information regarding Globalstor Data Corporation, visit www.globalstor.com.