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iNAS_12_SIDE.jpg iTrax LT™ is the ideal iSCSI RAID solution offering quick and easy on-line storage for your PRO Audio workstations.

iTrax™ LT was designed to offer audio engineers in the broadcast industry reliable redundant data storage and multi-user access to consolidated, centralized and fully searchable data. The iTrax™ LT is ideal for audio and video professionals working on broadcasting projects requiring audio recording, editing and playback, the lastest version is compatible with ProTools, Fairlight, Sound Forge and similar post environments where storage space is often at a premium. Equipped with a solid-state 64-bit iSCSI operating system, it utilizes an iSCSI initiator to appear as a local disc drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN. Once the user plugs it into a network port or switch and the iSCSI initiators are loaded, every host system on the network can see and share all stored data.

As a standalone tower, iTrax™ LT includes five drives with optional RAID 5 redundancy. Storage capacity ranges from 2.5TB to 10TB (five-drive unit). Other iTrax™ LT servers are available in various configurations, ranging from an eight-drive solution with RAID protection on board to a 36 drove version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy on board.


Extreme Performance
The iTrax™ LT implements four 1GbE ports that support IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Group (LAG) for full offload capacity. This allows all four ports to be grouped together for up to 425MB/s bandwidth, increasing throughput and redundancy.

Extreme Reliability
The iTrax® LT can provide protection against unresponsive SATA commands by forcing a response within a preset time limit. Volatile cache data protection is afforded via an on-board battery that is designed to back up to 1GB of cached memory for at least 72 hours.

Extreme Scalability
The iTrax® LT can give you online capacity expansion and RAID level migration with minimal impact on users. For example, a mirror volume of two drives can easily be converted to a parity volume of three or more drives while users continue to access this storage.

Extreme Sensibility
The ExtremeStor iTrax® offers uncompromising data protection at a price point well below traditional RAID solutions. With capacities reaching 10TB, the iTrax® is a sound solution that combines performance, reliability and enterprise array features without the big price tags associated with comparable solutions.

Extreme Simplicity
The ExtremeStor iTrax® comes pre configured from the factory. You simply plug the iTrax® into an available network port on the client system or network switch, then load the iSCSI initiator on the client system. The iTrax® can be up and running in minutes. No PCI ports are required on the client systems. The ExtremeStor iTrax® is a simple solution for audio and video professionals who require performance, redundancy and peace of mind without having to open up their system.

iTrax LT iSCSI RAID solution
iTrax LT iSCSI RAID solution


Hardware and Technical Specifications