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Press Releases

18 Apr 2005 Globalstor Demonstrates Low-Cost 9.6TB HD Video Storage Server with 1030MB/sec. Playback at NAB
14 Apr 2005 Globalstor Unveils Economical, Feature-Rich Automated DVD and Digital Dailies Solution for Video Professionals at NAB
13 Apr 2005 Globalstor Demonstrates 50TB of Video Storage Across a Live Network at NAB
12 Apr 2005 Globalstor Unveils the Industry’s First Turn-Key 4K Server/Storage Solution at NAB
05 Apr 2005 Globalstor and ASSIMILATE Demo Cost-Effective 9.6TB Digital Intermediate Server at NAB
14 Dec 2004 High-Performance Digital Intermediate Solution from Globalstor Delivers Stored Video at 700MB/sec
09 Nov 2004 Globalstor Unveils Flexible 9.6TB Video Server with Up to 1000MB/sec. Raw Sustained Performance
04 Nov 2004 Globalstor’s Announces 9.6TB Hi-Definition Video Server for Real Time, Uncompressed Video Playback
06 Sep 2004 Tailoring Storage Management to Budget Requirements
28 Aug 2004 Globalstor Hires Sam Holtz; Established Leader in the Post Production to Expand Market Sales
10 Aug 2004 Globalstor Expands Scaleable Capacity of New NAS/iSCSI Servers to 9.6TB Broad RAID Support and up to 24 400GB SATA Hard Drives for Under $21,500
30 Jun 2004 Globalstor and Breece Hill Demonstrate Scalable Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Solution at SWC
29 Jun 2004 JMR Demonstrate TB Capacity Flexible Storage for SWC Attendees
28 Jun 2004 Globalstor Launches NAS/iSCSI Server Incorporating 24 Hot Swappable SATA Drives at SWC
21 Apr 2004 Globalstor Demonstrates Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Technology at NAB
19 Apr 2004 Globalstor’s TransPro-DVS Saves Time/Money without Compromising Flexibility/Security
19 Apr 2004 Globalstor Partners with JMR Opening Doors to Flexible Storage Solutions for Hollywood
19 Apr 2004 Globalstor Demonstrates Distributed Computing Software from Cluster Computing Corporation at NAB
15 Apr 2003 Globalstor’s TransPro II Wins NAB Award for Innovation in Media
07 Apr 2003 Globalstor Mobilizes DVD-R Dailies Production
07 Apr 2003 Globalstor’s TransPro II Drives Down Dailies Costs/Production Time
01 Apr 2003 TransPro II’s Immediate Access to Dailies
17 Dec 2002 Globalstor Announces OEM Partnership with FPC Inc., A Kodak Company
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Demonstrates Fibre Channel, SAN-Ready Enterprise Data Warehouse Solution at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Demonstrates Uninterrupted Streaming Video Using ExtreamStor SC at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Demonstrates Turnkey Video Archive and Back-up Solution Using InfinAttach DR and R2X at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Demonstrates High-Quality Video Conversion in an Economical NAS Solution at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Unveils InfinAttach PD Remote Access Video Security System at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor’s InfinAttach DV to Assist Pioneer in Demonstrating DVD-R Burning Direct to the FlexLibrary at NAB
08 Apr 2002 Globalstor Unleashes Unparalleled RAID 5 Over RAID 5 Data Redundancy


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